About Dusty (Ed Branson)

Ed’s earliest memories of performing for people are not memories at all.  They are stories passed down from family members telling of him “performing” and singing at the ripe old age of 3 ... And he never stopped.

From grade school into college and continuing today, music is a driving force in his life. Even though Ed has always had a “day job,” his music has rarely taken a back seat.

Dusty (Ed Branson) has been performing music around Arizona for over 35 years, and although he has an extensive background in country music, he has a sincere fondness for any music venue.  Whether he is singing a Sinatra classic, an Irish Lullaby or a moving Merle Haggard ballad, you can feel that he truly does love what he is singing.

Having had a working band with him for over 20 years, Ed’s former “front-man” position has given him the instincts necessary to create a pleasant experience for his audience. Add to that the ability to create and perform his own music, be assured that “Dusty” is an entertainer you can enjoy hearing again and again.

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